(Cleveland) Get Hep Swing presents the L.A. Swing Barons

pin Slovenian Workmen's Home - Waterloo , 15335 Waterloo Rd, Cleveland, Ohio 44110

On Saturday, June 30th you can play all day at the Waterloo Arts Fest then in the evening you can join us at the Slovenian to hear this amazing band from L.A.

The L.A. Swing Barons are a Los Angeles based big band paying tribute to the greatest bands of the swing era. They specialize in recreating the famous Kansas City sound of the late 30's and 40's, such as the great Count Basie Orchestra. This style of music was famous for being the very best dance music out there in a time when everyone who was anyone knew how to dance. They also have a close affinity for the Duke Ellington repertoire, as well as music from many other great bands of the swing era. Come and check them out and you'll find that you can't help but want to get on your feet and move to that swingin' beat.

What? Swing Dance hosted by Get Hep Swing

When? Saturday, June 30th.

Where? Slovenian Workmen's Home, 15335 Waterloo Road

Dance lessons? Yes. Beginner-friendly jitterbug from 8-9

Is there a band? Yes. The L.A. Swing Barons (from Los Angeles!) play from 9-12.

Is there a DJ? Yes. The DJ plays during band breaks.

Who can attend? Everyone is welcome. People of all ages attend.

Do I need previous dance experience? No

Do I need a partner? No, we rotate dance partners during the lesson

What do I wear? Wear comfy shoes that allow you to pivot and turn easily. Wear clothing that makes you feel good about yourself.

What is the cost? $12 per person. No discounts or free passes may be used this month.

Over 150 people attending each month and attendees have a variety of dance experience (including none) and come from all walks of life and ages. You will not need to bring a dance partner. We rotate partners during the dance lesson. How often do you get to meet 50-100 new people in under an hour? We provide the highest quality swing dance instruction from some of the nicest, most patient people you will ever meet. Our staff includes regional, national, and international swing dance competitors (and winners) in multiple swing dance forms.

From 8-9pm Get Hep Swing dancers will lead a beginner-friendly, jitterbug lesson. Remember, you do not need a partner as we rotate partners during this lesson. Also, if you are attending this lesson with a partner and you prefer not to rotate, that is fine too. We are really easy going. Do what makes you happy.

9pm - 12am The L.A. Swing Barons will be sure to keep you on the dance floor all night long!

We welcome anyone to join us who has an interest in dance, music, socializing and fun. We don't care what your physical ability or size is, where you are in life, where you are on the spectrum of sexual or gender orientation, what color or creed, or non-creed, you are. Are you a man who wants to learn how to follow or a woman who wants to learn how to lead? That's cool! This idea is not new to the swing dance scene. We are the easiest club to join. If you have an interest, you are in. :)

We love spreading the gospel of swing dancing and we are excited to share the language and culture of this truly American, urban folk dance form with you. It is important for us to let you know that this dance style started in the African-American ballrooms of Harlem, New York in the late 1920s/early 1930s. This dance has a gritty earthiness that is incredibly empowering, beautiful, and joyful. We can't wait for you to experience this conversation of dance with us.

Attire is anything from casual to dressy. The best shoes to wear are comfortable and will allow you to pivot and turn easily.

We make learning to partner dance easy and enjoyable. Please join us the second Friday of every month at the Lakewood Masonic Temple and the last Saturday of every month at the Slovenian Workmen's Home.

Please see www.GetHepSwing.com for the most up to date information on dances, bands playing at the dances, classes, private lessons, school programs, performances and special topic workshops.

For more info, please email Valerie Salstrom; the owner of Get Hep Swing, at info@gethepswing.com